Reimagining the world of work.

Region The Midlands (Occasionally UK wide)
Scale 6 through pilot
15 through current programme
+ expect to support more through free webinars
Funding Structure Social enterprise – 100% of profits reinvested into social mission
2019/2020 Employer Partners 20 + Mainly small businesses (less than 50 people) or micro businesses

Creating a community where small businesses, freelancers and underemployed young people work and learn together.

● The programme is one of the first flexible and collaborative work placement schemes, which is also run entirely remotely.
● Through the programme interns gain paid and flexible work experience among a community of businesses, and our businesses gain access to flexible help with tasks or projects from those interns.
● Both interns and businesses learn together through training workshops about how to collaborate effectively and create enjoyable work in which people can thrive

Collaborative Future empowers young people to truly explore their choices and take ownership of their work. They help them consider whether generating their own income through self-employment might be a suitable option. Plus, they support them to build meaningful connections with people who might hire them or recommend them to others in the future.

Case Studies


“I really appreciated the flexibility that came with the Collaborative Future scheme which allowed me to continue my part time hospitality work and sports training.”

“The help and advice from everyone involved in the Collaborative Future scheme has been overwhelming. Everyone took interest in my future plans, tailoring their advice and putting me in contact with other freelancers.”

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