Mentoring and coaching to develop the employability skills of young people in Herefordshire and Telford.


Region Herefordshire | Telford
Scale 90
Funding Structure Grant from BLF
2018/2019 Employer Partners Bulmers, Savers, British Heart Foundation, PDSA


The organisation provides information, guidance and support to volunteers, charities, voluntary and community groups in Herefordshire and Telford. They offer personalised holistic pathways as well as new opportunities and experiences for young people. In some instances, they are able to provide subsidies for the cost of activities. The organisation is focused on a long-term approach.

HVOSS recognises the lack of open access, early intervention and targeted youth work provision at market town level and has identified the need for such provision. Working in partnership with voluntary organisations, local communities and Parish Councils they aim for every child and young person in Herefordshire to have the greatest possible opportunities to be the best they can.

HVOSS Case Studies

In a rural village 20 miles north of Hereford, (population approx 1,000) HVOSS responded to Police requests of low level anti-social behaviour from young people. They delivered a fortnightly programme of summer activities at the local playground. Over a period of two years local volunteers were recruited and supported to establish their own constituted youth group LYG.

Three volunteers have been trained through a progression of courses to deliver youth work, eight young people have attended young leaders training, twenty five young people have attended first aid training. The Parish council have offered support and to date a weekly four-hour youth club session is run with over a hundred young people on the books and over thirty five attending on a regular basis.

The club now raises its own funds through a community cafe and other fundraising events. Community projects have included over 500 volunteering hours by young people who were once labelled as “naughty, noisy kids”.

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