Providing a national network of high quality, local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve.


Region National
Scale 29,000
Funding Structure Universities | Corporates | Trusts | Foundations
2018/2019 Employer Partners BlackRock, Nomura, White and Case LLP, Farrer and Co., Architas


Early intervention

These programmes engage young people from age seven, allowing the organisation to have decisive impact on their future aspirations, intervening before negative attitudes towards education can become hardened. IntoUniversity pioneered this approach, which is now accepted as best practice within the sector.

Centre-based model

Their centres are located in the heart of the communities they serve, normalising university aspiration and providing young people with a group of local peers who are all working together to improve their futures.

They work with all students in need regardless of prior or predicted attainment

Unlike many schemes that work selectively with those students who already have a strong academic record, IntoUniversity work with all young people meeting their criteria for disadvantage.

Strong partnerships

They work closely with local schools on our FOCUS programme and they, in turn, refer students to our Academic Support programme. Local businesses and branches of national organisations provide volunteers.

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