One Million Mentors

Online. One to one. Once per month. One life changed. 

Region London, Greater Manchester, Cardiff
Scale Approaching 2,000 mentoring relationships since start in 2018
Funding Structure Charity
2019/2020 Employer Partners KPMG, HSBC, Laing O’Rourke, NCC Group, NHS, DWP, HMRC, ghSMART, ThoughtWorks, Almacanter, Natwest Markets, Arup, Ernst & Young, Spirit, Nesta, Manchester City Council, WMCA, and more.

There are 3 key differentiators that set One Million Mentors. Technology. Development. Offer.

Technology is at the heart of the ambitious One Million Mentors goal. Mentors create their own user account to then complete a development programme designed with convenience for busy professionals in mind. Youth Partners can create a user account, giving them sight of fully trained mentors. Mentees too will be able to soon create a user account to access preparation resources.

Support. Mentors and mentees, both receive online training, a core workshop.

Offer. Proven compelling is a meaningful long term relationship, impactful at once per month, and online to persist regardless of social distancing.

Georgia (Mentee) and Jean-Luc’s (Mentor) Story

Georgia is a French and Spanish student at Queen Mary University London. She is looking to secure a communications role when she graduates with the guidance of her mentor, Jean-Luc.

“Particularly at the moment because of the Coronavirus pandemic there is a lot of uncertainty, so I think mentoring is really important. We’ve looked at ways I can really enhance my experience and how I should sell my skills using my CV. From the first time I met Jean-Luc he was really enthusiastic, positive and encouraging. It’s quite inspirational to meet someone who has travelled loads and has international work experience, especially for a languages student. 1MM is such a great scheme, and I feel really lucky to be able to be
part of it.”

Jean-Luc was born in Rwanda and grew up in Belgium. He works as an E-Retail Marketing Manager at ZxVentures. He began mentoring Georgia in October 2019.

“I’ve had a lot of informal mentors since I entered the business world, who have always been able to provide valuable insights on their own experiences and advice for the next steps of my career, but formal mentoring is new to me and completely exciting. I think I’ve had a lack of formal mentors in my life, and that was a big reason why I wanted to mentor with 1MM. My mentee is looking to go into marketing and communications. Even simple things like tailoring her CV for a job application, or preparing for an interview, are things we have already touched base on that have been really helpful for her.”

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