The Skills Builder Partnership

Working together as educators, employers and youth organisations to ensure every child and young person builds the essential skills to succeed. 

Region Across the UK and internationally
Scale The Skills Builder Partnership includes 510+ schools and colleges, 130+ employers and 50+ skills-building organisations – nearly 700 organisations in total.
Funding Structure Not-for-profit
2018/2019 Employer Partners Amazon, TUI, Pret A Manger, Argos, JLL, Natwest, UBS, Westfield, Selfridges, Waitrose

The Skills Builder Partnership brings together schools and colleges, employers and youth organisations all using the Skills Builder Framework to develop the eight essential skills children and young people need to succeed. The Framework takes each of the eight skills and breaks them down into teachable and learnable nuggets – from the age of three through to adulthood.

The Skills Builder Partnership supports schools and colleges to build the essential skills of every learner through the training of staff, a comprehensive curriculum, and links to employers.

The Skills Builder Partnership provides a suite of tools for teachers to build essential skills in the classroom, including learning activities, classroom resources and assessment tools.

The Skills Builder Partnership includes employers from across all industries and sectors to engage effectively with children and young people through trips and workshops.

Finally, the Skills Builder Partnership collaborates with youth organisations to drive collective impact through the Skills Builder Framework, supporting assessment and impact.

The Skills Builder Partnership Case Study

Hornsey School for Girls

Hornsey School for Girls in London joined the Skills Builder Partnership as part of their focus on developing the whole student. We’re collaborating on a long-term plan to integrate essential skills education, involving a wide array of strategies:

  • The skills are displayed throughout the school, and staff explicitly reference them in the classroom using consistent language.
  • Right from the start of their school journey, students take part in inspiring Challenge Days, which actively apply essential skills through a larger project.
  • Staff are being trained to use of our tools to effectively assess students’ skill development.
  • Every morning students have 25 minutes of PSHE-focused tutor time, where video activities from the Skills Builder Hub are a regular feature.
  • Several departments are building the essential skills directly into their curriculum teaching, in conjunction with their careers programme.
  • Trips to local Employers have supported the school’s focus on STEM careers, giving students a chance to see how their essential skills built in class are relevant in the wider world.

‘If you’re a teacher, you can see the benefit immediately… A common name for each skill and a way of demonstrating and assessing its use makes all the difference.’

Chimene Peddie, Head of Enterprise

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