STartup Sherpas Supersquad

Engage young people in your business and let them work on your innovation challenge


Region UK wide (virtual programme)
Scale 100 per Squad
Funding Structure

Funded by corporate. This covers design, recruitment, management and payment of the Squad.

2018/2019 Employer Partners Whatif / Accenture and their client, a major UK charity


  • 6 weeks
  • 100 young people
  • 2400 hours of work
  • 1,000s of ideas and insights for your business

As well as the business outcomes, we care deeply about the outcomes for the students. Our programmes require no prior experience or academic achievements but focus instead on developing 21st-century skills, many of which are not taught in traditional education environments. These include Creativity, Curiosity, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. They also learn key work-based skills such as Project Management, Communication Etiquette (Email, Slack etc.) and Time Management. These skills set young people up for success whatever role they go into.

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