Talent Rise

Bringing together the Tech, Digital and Life Sciences sectors to provide life changing opportunities to the young people who need it most.


Region London & Manchester
Scale 100 in 2019
Funding Structure Registered Charity / Foundation of Global Company
2018/2019 Employer Partners Ricoh, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Talent International, CWJobs, Digital Bridge, Tin Roof Media, Flipbook Studios


Talent RISE is the charitable foundation of Talent International, the world’s fastest growing tech and digital recruitment specialist that operates in sixteen cities across four continents. Talent International’s unique vision and ambition have led to an incredible 27 industry awards over the last ten years. Talent International is also the only recruitment business on Gallup’s Global Best Workplaces list.

As a youth charity embedded within a tech sector company Talent RISE is uniquely placed to understand the challenges, drivers and expectations of each side, enabling us to help employers, other youth organisations and young people understand one another better.

TALENT RISE’s  Case Study

Bradley joined Tin Roof Media for work experience in September 2019. From the moment he arrived to the day he left, he was constantly offering to help and took a real interest in the business and the tasks he was given.

As a team of production companies, Bradley was able to come help us with ideas for programmes, boosting our social media and was a great helping hand around the office.

One of the best things about Bradley was his willingness to give anything a go and his passion for the industry. We wouldn’t have been able to reach Bradley had it not been for Talent RISE. They were able to marry together the experiences we could offer as a business with someone who had the attributes wanted in the office.

The whole experience has been great so we will certainly be looking to collaborate with Talent RISE again in the future.

– Sam, Office Coordinator, Tin Roof Media (Blink & Outline Films)

Whilst at Tin Roof Media I learned how an actual work environment operates. I was able to develop my workplace skills. I used Microsoft Word to type out potential ideas to use on the company’s social media, PowerPoint to display a presentation of my pitch for a documentary and I used Outlook email to connect with all the staff there.

The work experience allowed me to grow and gain confidence in a professional setting. This is because they really catered to my personal development by tasking me to create a concept and also to plan and present my own idea for a product they would consider making. I got to experience the aspects of work I was looking forward to, whilst also being set challenges so I could gain the best experience possible.

Working with Talent RISE has been extremely helpful to my personal development. The staff were easy to talk to and very informative when it came to helping me find work experience through industry contacts. Talent RISE also helped me to improve my CV so it looks the best and holds all the key information needed.

– Bradley, Talent RISE Candidate (placed at Tin Roof Media)

We hosted Ben for a week’s work experience in August 2019. It was a brilliant paring as Ben was keen to learn about technology and specifically spend time with our 3D artist, before heading to study design at university.

We hadn’t had anyone on this type of work experience before and so Talent RISE was a huge help in guiding us through the process. They made everything incredibly easy and ensured the experience worked on both sides.

Ben brought a huge amount to the company during his week with us, specifically his outsider’s perspective on how we work and our culture. We’re excited to host our next Talent RISE work experience person in 2020, although they’ll have a lot to live up to!

Thank you to the Talent RISE team for making this all possible.”

– Antonia, Head of Marketing, DigitalBridge

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn about what it’s like to work in an office. This was the first time I had this experience and it really helped me to develop and build my confidence for the future.

The work atmosphere was very friendly and calm. The office layout was also a big plus; natural lighting and spaces for all your needs meant that I wasn’t stressed and was happy while I was working.

I learned so much from everyone I met during the week I will definitely be using what I learned in my own work and in university.

– Ben, Talent RISE Candidate (placed at DigitalBridge)

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