The Careers Programme Group

Designing innovative ‘industry-led’ pre-employment programmes, to help place young people into work whilst creating better inclusion for jobseekers within the UK.

Region National
Scale 170 per year 
Funding Structure Internally funded programmes, currently looking for funding partners and to secure government funding.
2019/2020 Employer Partners Kings College London, University of Liverpool, UCL, ICR, Imperial College, Cancer Research, Roadchef, Birmingham University, The Griffin Institute.

The Careers Programme Group specialise in a range of sectors with Animal Care being just one of them. They have experience of creating and developing successful ‘industry led’ work experience programmes which involve groups of employer partners as opposed to just the one. They believe in sharing success between their employer partners whilst promoting the work of each employer partner. Their young people build work placement portfolios which include video links and testimonials to help them achieve employment after they have completed a work placement.

The Careers Programme Group consistently market all their pre-placement and post-placement learners back out to their employer partners to proactively create employment opportunities within the programme’s partners. (This helps them achieve a 96% into work rate!).

Case Studies

Tricia’s story

“Being a part of the pilot ACP (Animal Care Programme) has been an insightful and beneficial experience and I have learned a great deal about the provision of care and welfare for animals used in Medical Research. Both the ACP team and their recruitment agency team were greatly supportive of my journey from day one to finish and were only an email, text message or phone call away. They were available to answer any questions or queries I had 24/7 and were prompt and informative with their replies. The pre-learning and study module content which was constructed by them was clearly composed and detailed, allowing me to pass all my module tests and preparing me for the 2-week work placement and this was very useful as it enabled me to carry out the job with a confident manner. I enjoyed the work experience aspect immensely and built up an array of skills and confidence during this time. I was situated at University College London for a 2-week long work experience placement, the team at UCL were welcoming and supportive and my experience with them was varied and included many different tasks. The unit I was in looked after mice solely, and the job was comprised of providing daily caring duties for the mice. This included feeding, watering, and observing behaviour, well as learning the correct handling/restraint methods, weaning pups from parents, holding and identifying the sex and age of pups, paring males with females and operating equipment.

“It was varied and practical and I got a real insight into what to expect for it as a career. I am thrilled that I was one of the lucky few chosen to take part in the pilot programme as it was an invaluable experience. I feel very close to employment and knowing that there are many opportunities for promotion in this industry, I am looking forward to beginning my new career as an Animal Technician.”

I feel the ACP is a great route for other individuals who are wanting to get into a career with animals as it covers many aspects of animal care and welfare. I am a true animal lover and this experience has helped me see behind the stigma that surrounds the Medical Research Industry and being part of the team responsible for the care and welfare of these crucial animals is hugely rewarding!”

Tricia gained a paid contract with Kings College and is now working in a vets