Working Options in Education

helping young people fulfil their potential

Region Nationwide

20,000+ young people since the programme started. 
5,000 students in 2019 alone and expect to work with nearly 9,000 in 2020 despite lockdown.
(3,000 each year through our Education, Training and Skills services)

Funding Structure Events – 28%
T&F/ Philanthropy – 57%
Corporate – 14% 
Community Fundraising/ Third Party – 1%
2019/2020 Employer Partners 400+ volunteers 150 school and colleges

Working Options in Education helps young people to aim high and fulfil their potential by giving them employability and life skills, confidence and self-esteem they need to move from education into work.

WE BRIDGE THE EMPLOYABILITY GAP: We want all young people to have the skills, confidence and self-esteem to move from education into work. We particularly focus on engaging disadvantaged young people. 

WE INCREASE FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY: We provide young people with multiple interactions with employers and the world of work 

WE RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS WITH DIVERSE EXPERIENCES: We want young people to be inspired by the career stories and practical solutions of people who work at all levels and disciplines in industry. 

WE MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT: Young people consistently tell us that participating in our programme has a positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence. 88% said they felt more positive about their post-education future after our sessions.

WE SUPPORT EDUCATORS: Our free of charge programme supports 150+ schools and colleges to deliver careers and curriculum subjects to their students – and supports many more educators online.

Case Studies

Here is what two of our beneficiaries have said about their experiences with WOiE:

Bjion Henry, Ex-Google and now Co-Founder, Heue Digital

“When I think of my education growing up, I remember vividly how Working Options filled a knowledge-gap that I was lacking.  Whilst my school was great at telling me I needed to get a good job in order to live a happy life and be successful, what was missing was someone to show me how and that’s where Working Options helped.

Thinking back to the most significant breakthroughs in my working life thus far, most have been as a result of skills first taught by Working Options such as networking and building a personal brand.  The importance of such skills cannot be overstated, and yet for the most part they usually go amiss in school curriculums. That’s why I feel so passionate about this charity and helped to design their website.”


Reeon Wiltshire, Recruitment Consultant, Medical Staffing

Reeon went to school in Luton, where he was eligible for Free School Meals. He unfortunately faced some family challenges that affected his ability to study and focus. Before being exposed to the Working Options programme, Reeon did not have plans for after college. University was not a consideration as he didn’t think of this as an option available to him.

Through our programme, Reeon attended a series of Insights from Industry sessions and partook in the Sainsburys scholarship application process. His most memorable encounter with Working Options was the advice about networking: “they are just you, human”. Working Options gave him the opportunity to increase his networking confidence, connect to high profile people and experience mock recruitment scenarios. Reeon achieved higher A-Level grades than predicted due to his self-belief that University was now an option for him. Consequently, Reeon’s plans after college changed, as he applied for University and got offers for all of his choices. 

“I owe a lot to Working Options and love what you do. You shaped my future – if I didn’t go to Uni I wouldn’t have learned so many valuable skills, gained friends all over the world and benefitted from the whole University experience. None of this would have been possible without Working Options.” 

Reeon was the first in his family to graduate from University with a Business and Marketing degree and has experience working as a Recruitment Consultant. He went from having no plan for after college to now having a solid foundation with a degree that no one can take away from him.


“The speakers at our session – from Asda, Kellogg’s and Yankee Candle gave invaluable information that allowed students to prepare to join the world of work.” Ushma Khadia, Oldham Sixth Form College 


“A very inspiring, informative and down to earth session on how to be successful in the world of work for our Business and IT students.” 

Clare Shaw, Business Liaison & Communications Manager, Wilberforce Sixth Form College

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