Lydia Gibson

Organisation: Accenture

Length of secondment: 6 months

Role before secondment: Policy Advisor

Role at Movement to Work: Team Coordinator

Role after secondment: Policy Advisor

Why did you opt for a secondment at Movement to Work?

I wanted to experience a new sector that was focussed on supporting people and making a difference.

What was the best thing about your secondment?

Too many things! The first thing that comes to mind is all the amazing, passionate and inspiring people I got to work alongside. However, seeing the first hand impact and hearing stories from the youth ambassadors was always really special and the reason why we were all so passionate, every day, about the work we were doing.

What were some of the key learnings you took away personally and professionally following your secondment?

I was at Movement to Work during the pandemic and so for me, learning to adapt, overcome and persist were all really important. This was important for both changing what we were doing to support people through crisis, but also personally too when looking after one another as a team.

Why should employers consider seconding team members to Movement to Work?

Movement to Work is a one-of-a-kind place to work. Everyone is there because they are passionate about helping young people get into work and thrive, and eager to learn and do. 

Being a part of such a small (but mighty!), ambitious and powerful team was transformative for my development and showed me a whole new way of working from a different perspective. 

The secondment model is perfect for employees to show up, get stuck in and really try a breadth of new things and learn new skills.

If you could sum up the purpose and mission of Movement to Work in your own words and what it means to you, what would you say?

Accessible employment opportunities for young people with talent. Breaking down barriers and opening doors.  Helping employers access talent that can be so easily, and tragically, missed or overlooked because of rigid, inflexible and exclusive working environments and entry routes to work.