Rory Albutt

Organisation: Accenture

Years of secondment: 2019

Role before secondment: Consultant

Role at Movement to Work: Pilot Lead; West Midlands (then North East and North West as time went on)

Role after secondment: Consultant

Why did you opt for a secondment at Movement to Work?

To work in a new environment and work in a role that made more of an active difference.

What was the best thing about your secondment?

Sitting in on work experiences. The one that stands out was in the BT Sport studios in Stratford.

What were some of the key learnings you took away personally and professionally following your secondment?

Personally: It takes people who really care to make social mobility possible, and a lot of people really care.

Professionally: the relationship building which Movement to Work facilitates is a critical skill in any business.

Why should employers consider seconding team members to Movement to Work?

People will return to their day jobs with new skills – relationship building and stakeholder management – but also a new appreciation of how business, government and third sector can work together to fix the world’s more difficult problems.

If you could sum up the purpose and mission of Movement to Work in your own words and what it means to you, what would you say?

To connect businesses, charities and local and national governments in the pursuit of offering more and better work experience placements to disadvantaged young people.

It means to be considering where the resources we are granted by our business partners can be best utilised to further social mobility in the UK.

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