Amy Crosby

Name Amy Crosby
Company  M&S
Last Known Job Role  Customer Assistant

Amy was home-schooled and achieved few qualifications. She started a course in hospitality but soon dropped out. She lacked confidence and self-belief and never thought she would work anywhere like Marks & Spencer.

Amy was offered a Marks & Start placement scheme at M&S. Her mentor said that it was a difficult decision as Amy was so shy, however they changed their minds and she was included in the scheme. Before this, Amy had never worked.

Amy said that the scheme was perfect for people like her who had little behind them in the way of qualifications.

Amy was delighted when she was offered a permanent role. When she began the scheme she was reluctant to speak to anybody; now she deals with customers on a range of issues as a customer assistant. Amy has  now been with M&S for three years.