Brolly Marketing Presents: Digital Marketing 101

Key Details

 What: Brolly Marketing Presents: Digital Marketing 101

When: Tuesday 25th January 2022, 4-5:30pm

Where: This will be a hybrid event so there will be multiple locations:

  • Online via Zoom (with informal networking/Q&A afterwards on Remo)
  • In person at PwC Watford, Clarendon Road
  • In person at Enemy of Boredom in Letchworth Garden City

The Mission:

To try and help young people understand, via an interactive workshop, what working in the digital marketing industry involves, what different areas and roles look like, and how to get into this sector. This will help them to better understand the type of marketing career that they may like to go into – you’ve got to see it to be it.

The Attendees:

Our target audience is young people who have an interest in a career in digital marketing.

We also welcome anyone else who wants to find out about this area, whether they are:

  • Careers advisors
  • Parents
  • People looking to change careers
  • Digital marketing professionals wanting to find out how to reach young people
  • Those who work with young people.

The Speakers:

Speakers will include a range of young digital marketing professionals, including representatives from:

  • eBay
  • One YMCA
  • Enemy of Boredom
  • DWP
  • Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants
  • Creative Alliance
  • Sage

The Agenda:

The speakers will collectively cover a range of areas within digital marketing, including content creation, the gaming industry, graphic design, and advertising, among many more.

There will be plenty of opportunities for Q&A sessions, so that the attendees can ask any questions and get the most out of the event.

After the main session, there will also be the opportunity to move onto the Remo conferencing platform, where all speakers and attendees will be able to ask and answer questions, hold private discussions, and network more informally.

We will also send out information packs to attendees after the event.

How to sign up:

Please sign up through Eventbrite:

Virtual Event  –

PwC Watford  –

EOB Academy Letchworth  –

Communications and Promotion

We would be very grateful if you could amplify and publicise this event within your own networks and social media channels – this will mean that we can reach as many young people as possible.

You are welcome to create your own content for this, however we have created some graphics and template posts for ease of use and consistency.

Please post and publicise before the event, to encourage attendance, as well as afterwards.

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Looking forward to the @BrollyMarketing Presents: Digital Marketing 101 event, where we’ll be hearing from young marketing professionals about their roles and finding out how young people can get into the industry.

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Digital marketing is a growing industry that a lot of young people are interested in – but how can they find out what it’s really like? This is what the @BrollyMarketing Presents: Digital Marketing 101 event aims to achieve – helping young people to get their foot in the door – which is why we’re proud to be partnering this event.

Contact Information

For more information about the event, please contact Sharon Shapiro ( or Jessica Norton ( at Brolly Marketing.