Can part time work help to reduce poverty?

An interesting blog that gives the current picture of unemployment, touching on the large numbers of inactive job seekers. Outlining research undertaken that analyses the demand for part-time work.

The last decade has seen growing recognition that flexible working is good for business and good for people. There has also been change in the workplace, with the new trend towards hybrid patterns since the pandemic.

Yet there has still not been a significant shift towards good flexible work becoming the norm for all. And the situation at the point of hire lags far behind workplace practice on flexibility, creating barriers to progression for people who can’t work a full-time, 9-5 schedule. It recognises the need for flexible working arrangements and the cost-of-living crisis, particularly the rising cost of travel.

‘Quality’ part-time jobs could offer both the flexibility and incentives necessary to improve labour market participation and combat the crises we are facing.

A quality part-time job is defined as paying £11.17 per hour. The research looked at how many households could be lifted out of poverty as well as the reduction in benefit claims.

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