What is Movement to Work?

Movement to Work is a 2—6 week work experience programme for 18—30 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).

  • A charity coalition of leading employers, civil society and government.
  • Tackling youth unemployment and creating systemic change; investing in the future.
  • A diverse & proactive membership base; public and private organisations across all industries.
  • Collective knowledge and experience of NGO partners and are supported by CBI, DWP and TUC.

What are the benefits of Movement to Work?

Last year, 50% of participants who completed a MtW opportunity stopped claiming benefits. This is fantastic for participants, but there are benefits for departments.

  • Builds diversity & social mobility by attracting those from deprived backgrounds to the Civil Service.
  • Enhances the regional profile of the Civil Service.
  • Feeds into the talent pipeline via apprenticeships, traineeships and sector-based work academies.
  • Positively impacts on wellbeing and productivity in teams due to increased diversity.
  • Increases return on investment (an NHS study found a 17% increase in ROI).
  • Gives employees an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Our resources:

Opportunities Form– please fill out this form to offer to host a MtW participant.

MtW Info Pack – take a look at our information pack to learn more about MtW.

Participant Managers Toolkit – this is a specific DWP version so may need tailoring for your department.

Participant Workbook – This should be given to participants on day 1.

Policy Guidance – this is the CSEP agreed policy guidance. Please refer to departmental practice in some areas.

Skills to Succeed – this contains information about the learning modules.

Designing your Work Experience Opportunity – use this guide to help you design your work experience opportunity

DWP Consent Form – this is our case study consent form

Case Study Template – please return this case study template along with the consent form to tell us about your experience

Example Activities and Projects – this may give you some inspiration

MtW Cohort Approach – this is another way to deliver MtW in your department

Get in touch with us:

Patricia Gordon

Head of Movement to Work & DWP Social Mobility



Chaz Josephs

Cross-government Engagement Lead



Lynn Smith

Movement to Work Operations Lead