COVID: Seven ways the job market has changed for young people

According to the BBC, young people have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic’s disruption to the jobs market. Research shows that the under-25s saw the biggest rise in unemployment during lockdown, and some graduate or entry level roles attracted thousands more applications than usual. Lawrie and Butcher (2020) summarise seven ways in which the job market has changed for young people:

  1. Young people left the workplace first
  2. Under-25s now make up a third of new universal credit claims
  3. Young adults in northern England were worst affected
  4. Online graduate job vacancies fell by 60%
  5. Apprenticeships have stalled
  6. Young people’s pay could be lower for three years after the pandemic
  7. Young people are more likely to stay in education

Click HERE to read the full article by Eleanor Lawrie & Ben Butcher (BBC News Article, 28th September 2020).