Your participants will have access to content from different training programmes. These training programmes specialise in developing practical employability skills, as well as harder to teach soft skills, that will help them during and beyond their placement. These programmes are free to join, easily accessible and can continue to be used by participants, once their placements have finished.

Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Academy

Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Academy is a free, interactive, online training programme.

Our Employability courses focus on building the skills and confidence you need to choose the right career, find and successfully apply for a job, and be successful in work.

Our New Skills Now curriculum will help build the critical skills for success in the future workforce, such as working effectively with others, solving problems and using technology to prepare learners for success in the digital economy.

The training focuses on capabilities that individuals can learn at any age and refine over time and learners can explore a range of 108 bite-sized learning modules, to develop the dynamic mix of skills needed to navigate the world of work.

To access the Academy for a self-assessment to receive a personalised list of recommended modules, please sign up and complete the form here.


Movement to Work Participant Access:

Participants should register on www.s2sacademy.com, by clicking on ‘Register Now’ and using the learner access code: MTW123

Staff Access:

  • See the Advisor Quick Start Guide for tips on how to get started
  • Go to www.s2sacademy.com, click on ‘Register Now’ and use the staff access code: MTW123STAF (Please do not share this code with learners)
  • Staff have access to the ‘Advisor’ tab with resources to help run group sessions / guidance on how to facilitate independent study. For further information of the detailed support materials available to your staff, please see the ‘Support Materials’ section below.
Accenture’s Digital Skills Programme

Created by Accenture experts, Accenture Digital Skills is a suite of eight training courses available on the FutureLearn platform. These eight courses will help learners explore some of the most in-demand skills in the current digital climate and how to apply these across all industries. They are accessible online and via mobile, free of charge and can be completed at a learner’s own pace, so they’re free to study wherever and whenever.

The eight courses include:

  • 80+ bite-sized videos with content presented by Accenture digital experts
  • Engaging learning with animations, videos, infographics, and articles
  • Examples, personas and case studies which learners can relate to across ages and life experiences
  • Tests and quizzes to track learner progress and reflect on what they have learnt
  • Seven downloadable activity packs to consolidate learning, and interactive simulations to guide learners through specific scenarios
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited certificate received upon completion of each module, to demonstrate new digital skills!

FutureLearn’s collaborative, peer-to-peer learning tool allows learners to leave comments, post questions, and share ideas with others. What’s more, each course is supported by Accenture online mentors — specialised in the subject area —providing additional guidance at each step of their journey and offering a safe environment for learners to learn, reflect and apply their knowledge.

To find out more information on these courses, click here


Staff can access Digital Skills content by following the steps below:



The training content is being made available for use as part of Movement to Work placements. If you would like to use the training more broadly beyond your Movement to Work placements, please email contact@s2sacademy.com.