Online, flexible and customisable training programmes which can be delivered in a classroom or completed independently, or both!

Self Study

Completing the Learning

The curriculum has been designed to help you stagger the training across work experience placements, identifying training which builds those skills that are needed early on versus those which can be completed towards the end of the placement. You can pick and choose from this content as needed to help shape your own programme of training or ask participants to complete the course in full.

We recommend that Line Managers provide support to participants as they complete the learning. For example reviewing and providing input to their updated CV.

Learners can complete content independently in the form of self-study. Simply direct your participants to the training content you wish them to complete in the Employability Skills Training Guide.

The Employability Skills Training Guide has been specifically designed for Movement to Work participants and includes full details of the training available to them, how it will support their placement and information on how to access the content.

If you would like an editable version of this guide please email:

Full details of how your participants can register and access the training can be found in the Employability Skills Training Guide.

Group Delivery


Group Sessions

Training can be completed through a group session, with staff taking a placement group through a course / module, in a classroom-based setting either with everyone accessing the training on their PCs / tablets or being led from the front of the room.

At the end of a group session you will need to complete a group report. This report takes two minutes to complete and can be found by logging in as ‘staff’ and selecting the ‘Create a Group Report’ at the top of the advisor landing page.

For more information about group sessions, see the ‘How to Access’ and ‘How Can I Deliver the Skills to Succeed Academy’ sections of the Getting Started Guide.

Module Timings

On average, modules take between 15-60 minutes to complete. The exact timings depend on the individual and the Skills to Succeed Academy has been designed so that learners can complete training at their own pace. For a detailed breakdown of the Employability Skills training, see the Module Guide & Diagnostic. For a detailed breakdown of the New Skills Now training, see the New Skills Now Module Guide.

Registering & accessing the materials

Staff Access:

If your staff would like to access the training materials, please see the information below on how to register.

  • See the Advisor Quick Start Guide for tips on how to get started
  • Go to, click on ‘Register Now’ and use the staff access code: MTW123STAF (Please do not share this code with learners)
  • Staff have access to the ‘Advisor’ tab with resources to help run group sessions / guidance on how to facilitate independent study. For further information of the detailed support materials available to your staff, please see the ‘Support Materials’ section below.

Movement to Work Participant Access:

Note: Participants should register on, by clicking on ‘Register Now’ and using the learner access code: MTW123

Support materials for classroom delivery

The following materials provide more information about how to access, use and deliver the Skills to Succeed Academy:

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide contains information about how to access and use the Skills to Succeed Academy. It also contains information about IT support and a link to frequently asked questions.

The Skills to Succeed Academy Poster

Contains a high-level view of the S2S Academy.

Advisor Training Module

This short, mobile optimised, e-learning provides an overview of the Skills to Succeed Academy and how it can best be used to support learners. The training consists of bite-sized videos and is designed so that you do not have to complete the training in one sitting.

Module Guide and Diagnostic

The Module Guide and Diagnostic contains a detailed breakdown of all the Skills to Succeed Academy training, including individual module guides, objectives, discussion points and timings.

The Courses Leaflet

Contains a quick overview of Skills to Succeed Academy’s Employability and New Skills Now courses.

Digital Skills

The online Accenture Digital Skills training lends itself to self study as they are slightly longer and participants benefit from social learning.

Group Sessions

There are classroom-based lessons to complement all 8 Digital Skills Courses. If you would like to learn more about these please email

For more information about group sessions, see the  ADS Organisation Introduction Guide.

Course Timings

Each of the 8 Digital Skills courses are designed to be completed over 2-3 weeks. However, learners can complete the learning at their own pace, in their preferred order and go faster / slower than the course recommendations.

Support Materials

The ADS Learner Quick Start Guide

Highlights the importance of digital skills, what Digital Skills courses are available to learners and the key steps to getting started. This includes a series of ‘how to’ guides to help learners navigate and complete the courses to gain a certificate.

The ADS Advisor Quick Start Guide 

Provides an overview of the Digital Skills courses and information for advisors looking to deliver Accenture Digital Skills courses in a classroom setting.

The ADS Course Overview Guide 

Provides a summary of the eight Digital Skills courses; including learning objectives, content summary and follow up discussion questions for each course.

Registering & accessing the materials

Staff can access Digital Skills content by following the steps below:

Get in touch

For any questions about the Digital Skills programme, including using the training outside your Movement to Work placements please email