Addressing the digital and technology skills shortage.



“At Accenture, we are committed to seeking the best talent from all backgrounds, and when we co-founded Movement to Work, it coincided with our own talent strategy evolution. We knew that ‘talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not’, and wanted to take a bold approach to re-imagine how to open-up opportunities to enable greater diversity and improve equity in technology careers. Movement to Work allowed us to tap into a broader set of talent pools and we are so proud of the progress we’ve made in the past ten years.”

Lisa Rose, Lead, Human Resources, Accenture UK & Ireland
Sector Technology
UK Workforce 10,000+
Placement Model Multi-week placements with training providers and charity partners
Funding Source Employer-funded | Government-funded

Accenture’s Movement to Work programme contributes towards Accenture’s wider Skills to Succeed initiative, which aims to provide 3 million people, with the right skills to get into employment or start their own business.

The programme aims to equip young people with the relevant skills required for today’s increasingly digital economy. It also supports young people to apply for entry-level roles and apprenticeships with Accenture, other corporates and SMEs.

The programmes consist of multi-week placements that provide employability skills and vocational training, including programming and digital concepts. Accenture has successfully hired over 100 young people, the majority as technology and consulting apprentices (leading to a degree) and as experienced hires or graduates.

Accenture Case Studies

Michelle Taylor

As a young mother, Michelle was stretched thin between responsibilities at home, work and school. A learning disability made it difficult for her to keep up, yet she still tried her best to succeed in her chosen field, technology. However, when a car accident made it financially impossible to continue her education, Michelle felt hopeless.

Without skills or a degree, Michelle struggled to find employment, but she was connected to Movement to Work through a job placement agency. Movement to Work gave her access to high quality digital training, work experience at Accenture’s London office and a path to entry level jobs. The financial support from Accenture and Movement to Work for commuting and meals allowed Michelle to complete her training without worrying about daily costs.

Now a Software Engineering New Associate at Accenture, Michelle is on her way to completing her degree, one of several requirements included in her four-year apprenticeship. She is back to balancing school, work and family but now has the financial support necessary to complete her degree. She is most excited about the future of the technology field and the fact that she can contribute to its ever-changing landscape.

Michelle says: “Accenture looked at me as an individual and saw my talents, even when I didn’t yet have the qualifications necessary for the role. It’s a relief to be able to support my children and I’m happy to be back in school. I’ll be the first person in my family to finish university.”

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