Assuring a future talent pipeline in the healthcare sector.


“Movement to Work is a really valuable programme for employers and candidates alike, and has allowed us to bring some great new talent into the business. It’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to colleague progression, and those who’ve been through the programme recognise their value within the team.”

Tom Webber, People Director for Bupa UK, 2018

Sector Healthcare
UK Workforce 20,000+
Placement Model 5-8 week programmes dependent on model
Sector-based work academy
Direct entry – vocational training
Funding Source


Bupa is proud to be a lead member of Movement to Work. Their programme, Bupa Loves Your Future, aims to bridge the skills gap in the care sector by upskilling young people. Bupa provides several routes into work through sector-based work academies, traineeships, apprenticeships and direct entry.

Bupa Loves Your Future aims to build confidence and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of young people preparing to work in the healthcare sector. Participants gain experience in various areas of the business, including the kitchen, activities and care teams, gaining an insight into how the different areas of the care home work together. During the programme, they will complete a Care Certificate, designed to help them to start a career in care.

Through Movement to Work, Bupa has been able to bring in some transformative new talent and help maintain a high level of care for their residents. The programme has provided a sustainable talent pipeline whilst also improving the company’s workforce diversity.

Bupa Case Studies

Jonathan Cleaver, 26, Birmingham

Up until 2016, Jonathan had been in and out of retail jobs and, although he knew that it wasn’t something he wanted to pursue long term, he lacked the confidence to make a change. That was until he came across Movement to Work through his local job centre.

Jonathan completed a training course with Knowledgepool, followed by four weeks of practical experience at Bupa’s The Priory Care Home in 2016. He subsequently succeeded in securing a job as a kitchen assistant and was one of the first colleagues to start at Bupa’s newly opened Pebble Mill Care Home.

Jonathan says: “If it wasn’t for the placement I’d still be working in retail. Even though I knew I wanted to change, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do anything else. Nowadays I’ve got much more confidence and approach things with a ‘can do’ attitude. You get out what you put in, so as long as you’re willing to work hard there are great opportunities for you.” “I’d never really considered working a care home before this, but I’d recommend it to anyone now! You really feel like you’ve got a purpose, and leave at the end of the day knowing that you’ve made a difference. It’s also great to spend time with the residents, as it’s their feedback that lets us know we’re doing the job right.” “I’m able to learn a lot and it’s inspired me to make my job into a career. Supported by Bupa, I’ve recently started my Level 2 Apprenticeship in Food Production and Cooking, which I’ll balance around my work with Bupa.”

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