Greene King

investing in Individuals to help them challenge barriers to social mobility.

Greene King have established themselves as a leader for apprenticeships and in supporting social mobility. With 1,700 managed pubs, hotels and restaurants, we are situated in local communities across England, Scotland and Wales which means more opportunities for candidates from a number of different programmes. To have supported over 12,500 apprentices and 400 Prince’s Trust candidates shows how much Greene King invest in people and their careers.

Sector Hospitality
UK Workforce 44,000
Placement Model

Apprenticeships: In-house and with partners including Lifetime Training, Avado Apprenticeships, HIT Training, Birmingham City University, West Suffolk College, FWD Training and First Intuition.

Other programmes delivered by Greene King and in partnership with other organisations include: The Prince’s Trust Programmes; Ex-Offender Programmes; Supported Internships; and Work Experience.

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At Greene King we believe that where you start in life should never restrict where your future takes you. Through education, outreach and support, we are investing in our team members to help them seize opportunities for development – challenging the barriers to social mobility.

Greene King have a responsibility to help those from all walks of life and so we continue to create and provide opportunities where candidates can then prosper. Working in hospitality is an engaging, fun and social industry that provides fantastic career opportunities and Greene King are more interested in the candidate than any academic grades.

With Greene King’s track record and experience, we’re able to support new starters and existing employees towards their career aspirations.

Greene king Case Studies

Isabelle Pearson, 27, progressed from part-time bar team member to Business Development Manager! She has completed four apprenticeships and is close to completing the Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager apprenticeship

Isabelle Pearson joined Greene King aged 18, part-time, working behind the bar. Within a week she knew she wanted to run a pub and just three years later, Isabelle was appointed as the general manager at the Ship in Bedford. She says:

“I thought it would be a stop gap job, but very quickly realised that I wanted to run my own pub. I felt that taking an apprenticeship would help me achieve that goal. I was pretty proud of the achievement! My apprenticeship has given me more confidence and I have learnt valuable skills to do my job. It has changed my life. I believe that the team is the most important aspect and the people are the key reason for the growth of the business. I actively support my team and offer as much encouragement and experience as I can.”

Isabelle’s hard work has paid off and her career at Greene King took another step forward as she was then promoted to Business Development Manager with the responsibility of seventeen pubs.

At Greene King, we’re a pub, we’re a brewery, we’re a hotel, we’re a marketing office, we’re a logistics firm, and we’re in cities, towns and villages across Britain. And that’s just scratching at the surface. We’re an extremely diverse business and with that comes an amazing array of opportunities at your fingertips. It’s one of the things that makes us so unique and such a fun place to work.

Our programme can open doors from entry positions all the way up to leadership and management levels. We offer apprenticeships that cover a range of roles and now go up to degree apprenticeship levels.

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