Supporting individuals to develop new skills and re-skill to get the most from their career in retail.


Sector Retail
UK Workforce 100 employees supporting 10,000 retailers
Placement Model A range of pre-employment models including traineeships and sector based work academies in partnership with a network of training providers
Funding Source Work in partnership with training providers who access government funds

retailTRUST changes lives by improving an individual’s overall well-being and quality of life. Through their pre-employment programmes, they offer quality training and work experience at some of the best retailers in the country to help individuals find their next role. Previous participants have found success everywhere, from food retailers to fashion retailers, contact centres and distribution warehouses.


retailTRUST Case Study

Shannon Jefferson – 23

Before Shannon came onto the retailRIGHT pre-employment programme she was unemployed and receiving universal credit. She had been looking for employment since she was 16 years old, but with no experience or qualifications within retail she was finding it difficult to gain experience or employment. Her local job centre referred Shannon onto the registration day with Qube Learning who discovered she had an interest in fashion. She was successful in gaining a place on the programme and started her journey. Shannon had never been in a group setting prior to the programme and felt nervous being in situations that felt pushed her out of her comfort zone. Shannon completed the classroom preparation with new found confidence and qualifications.

Shannon met the Matalan store manager, Bradford Greengates,  prior to her placement, who provided feedback and was willing to give Shannon the experience she needed. Throughout Shannon’s 6 week work experience the weekly feedback  was very positive, and she gained confidence, teamwork skills and learnt operational knowledge which reinforced her employability skills.

On the last day of her placement, she was successful at interview, which led to her gaining employment with Matalan. Whilst Shannon was waiting for her first payslip, the Blackrock Philanthropy fund supported Shannon with £250 worth of funding that supported her in purchasing a monthly food shop as well as ensuring she was able to contribute to the payment of monthly bills. Shannon has now been a member of the team for 3 Months.

“It’s like a little family here”

Shannon sees her near future at Matalan and is looking to gain more skills to develop herself within retail fashion.

“I was shy and nervous when I started at Matalan, now I have come out of my shell can speak to anybody”

“My confidence has gone form 0 – 9”

“I would recommend this programme, just try it!”

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