Flexible, paid work for Londoners experiencing homelessness as a steppingstone into long term employment


Over 100,000 young people in the UK are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 

Of those, 80-90% are struggling to get onto the job ladder. Unemployment is both a key driver and a result of youth homelessness. 

Spedal was born in response to this crisis. We provide immediate employment as bike riders and a stepping stone into long-term work. 

When riders join the Spedal crew, we prepare them for the workplace by giving them work experience, building their confidence and a reference for future employers.

Meanwhile, we pay them a fair wage and provide job support, helping them on their journey to stable work.

Sector Circular Economy / Logistics
UK Workforce 12
Placement Model Paid Employment
Funding Source Social Enterprise

A message from Monica Pun, Founder of Spedal

“Born and raised in East London, community is at the heart of everything I do and believe in. And since I was young my core values always aligned with doing good; for our society and the environment.”

“For the past 10 years I’ve worked in business development, public and private healthcare, charities and start-ups across the globe and have thrived as an individual and business leader. I fell in love with entrepreneurship after working for an Australian start-up and built this inner belief that business can and should be used as a vehicle for positive change. I’m now on a committed and exciting journey of building sustainable, scalable and commercial solutions for social, environmental and economic challenges that we face today.”

“My journey has led me to start my own venture – Spedal. As a leader of the business, I embrace a growth mindset and bring our team, customers and community on the journey with us. We’re tackling real-life problems through real insights, the power of a bike, innovative tech and a team of people who really care.”

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