The BreakThrough Programme has been life changing for the colleagues who take part. It has proved to be a fundamental stepping-stone into further employment for many of the participants. As an organisation, it’s important to us that we are inclusive and increase the diversity of employees across the world, which is why we are so passionate about supporting people through our BreakThrough Programme. By supporting financially, as well as with real work experience and training, we hope to break down the difficult barriers that can often exclude people from getting started in work.

Sector Manufacturing and Engineering
UK Workforce c3,000
Placement Model Our BreakThrough Programme lasts for 6 months , is paid throughout, and includes 2 weeks of pre-employment training and 6 months employee support. We work in partnership with The Launch Group for this programme.
Funding Source

Case Studies

Mike West joined our first BreakThrough cohort as a Desktop Services Technician. Mike has always had an interest in IT, but struggled to get his foot in the door. Prior to joining Spirax- Sarco Engineering, Mike had to step out of work to become a full-time carer for his terminally ill father to enable his mother to continue working to pay the bills. I am thrilled to say that Mike is still with us today as a permanent employee in his position as Desktop Services Technician and is doing a great job!

Endorsement from a senior leader

Group is passionate about supporting young people to achieve their potential, whatever their situation or background. That’s why I am so proud of our collaboration with Movement to Work, and our success with the BreakThrough Programme. It’s providing young talent with meaningful experiences, as well as training and financial support that is critical to achieving that first step into work, and hopefully the start of a long and rewarding career.

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