THe body shop uk

We are Open hiring; a model that’s based on trust and potential, rather than a person’s history.

Sector Retail
UK Workforce 10,000
Placement Model The Body Shop is excited to be exploring a range of ways to support young people with Movement to Work.
Funding Source Employer Funded

The Body Shop are Open Hiring; which means that the first person to apply is the first person to get the opportunity. Through this, we hope to remove barriers to employment for those who have been excluded from work through the elimination of background checks, screening and education requirements. Instead, applicants will be asked to answer three simple questions, with the opportunity being offered to candidates in order of application:
Are you legally authorized to work in the UK?
Can you lift up to 11kgs?
Can you work an eight-hour shift in one day?

This model is in line with our purpose, and through it we will continue to fight for a fairer and more beautiful world. We are doing this because we believe that Education and access to employment are the greatest equalizers.

The Body Shop UK Success Stories

“It was a really great feeling to not feel like I was going to be surveyed or screened in detail because that can feel intimidating. Sometimes anxiety gets the best of me and I trip over words, but this method of hiring was not as intimidating and made me feel more confident.”
Retail employee, The Body Shop

“Very few places are willing to hire someone who is fat, trans and disabled. The Body Shop saw my potential and allowed me to flourish.”
Retail employee, The Body Shop

“The Body Shop looks at people for who they are and not what they’ve done. To get a second chance gives you a reason to come to work.“
Distribution centre employee, The Body Shop

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