Employment Support for Refugees

A new government programme will help overcome existing barriers for refugees to find work and become
self-sufficient in the UK.

Refugees, including people from Syria, Iran, Eritrea, and Sudan, can now apply to a new government
programme to gain the skills they need to enter the UK job market and lead independent lives.
The government’s new £52 million Refugee Employability Programme aims to overcome the barriers faced
by refugees to integrate into local communities and society, including language and cultural differences,
and speed up their contribution to the UK economy. Afghans resettled in England under either ACRS or
ARAP will also be eligible to apply to the programme.


The programme will operate for two years and will provide enhanced support to refugees and Afghans
across employment, English Language training and integration, to build up their confidence and skills to find
work and secure better prospects for themselves and their families.

Through the new Refugee Employability Programme, people will receive a personal development plan that
will be tailored to their ambitions and personal circumstances. This will range from skills courses, support
with CV writing and job applications, work experience opportunities, and enhanced English language
training, including access to formal and informal classes, online learning and resources and conversational

For people who do not already receive integration support, the programme will help them access public
services, including a GP and a job centre, local community groups and mental health support. Doing so will
help vulnerable refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK and put them on the path to self-sufficiency.
This is in addition to eligible refugees having the right to work in the UK, access to public services and claim
benefits, including Universal Credit.


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