Foreign Investment sees thousands of new jobs across the UK

Tens of thousands of new jobs are being created across the UK thanks to billions of pounds of foreign investment, helping the Government’s priority to grow the economy and levelling-up across the UK.

New government statistics published recently reveal that over 1,600 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects will create nearly 80,000 jobs across every part of the UK, with Scotland, Wales, Northern England, the Midlands and the South West seeing significant gains.

Northern England has seen huge gains, with Yorkshire and The Humber landing 103 FDI projects which will create 7,378 new jobs – an increase of 97% on 2021/22 and 423% on 2020/21 – while in the North West and North East, 198 projects are set to create 8,867 jobs.

In just three years, the North West and North East have seen 604 FDI projects landed, leading to 25,872 new jobs.
The Midlands has also seen scores of new projects creating thousands of jobs. In 2022/23, 265 FDI projects were landed which are set to create 11,091 jobs, and in Wales, 47 projects will create 3,062 jobs – up by 71% on the 1,793 in 2021/22.


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