Get Health and Social Care work experience from home with Prince’s Trust!

The Health and Social Care sector is one of the most important in the world right now, and the NHS is one of the world’s largest employers and the biggest in Europe. Along with many partners in the community, it is supporting a vulnerable population in this global pandemic.

For ten years, the Prince’s Trust has been building relationships with Health and Social Care providers to support young people (aged 16-30) into Health and Social Care jobs. In particular, the Trust specialises at recruiting for entry-level roles that do not require academic qualifications and can lead to multiple career opportunities.

The Prince’s Trust is proud to be partnering with the Department of Health and Social Care to help young people get into Health and Social Care. They currently offer two courses and mentoring support: ‘Get started’ and ‘Get into’.

Currently Prince’s Trust ‘Get Started’ course is being run online to support government guidelines about staying home where possible, and the ‘Get into’ course is on hold until government restrictions have been lifted.

Get Started – Virtual ‘GET HIRED’ training 

The Get Started – Virtual ‘GET HIRED’ training is a 2-3 day course, designed for those who feel ready to start working now. You’ll learn about the Health and Social Care sector including the types of roles available and career options.

Young people will also be helped with job interview preparation by being given guidance for online interviews and find out the most common interview questions for the sector.  Finally, Prince’s Trust will help set up interviews with employers who have live vacancies so you’re ready to go!

Prince’s Trust offer mentoring to everyone on both of the Health and Social Care courses, and for anyone who works in the sector (aged 16-30).  Mentoring is run by volunteers who are there to listen and problem-solve with you. When you sign up, you’ll be matched to an online professional mentor who will support you as you prepare for and start employment.

The Health and Social Care sector consists of any organisation which provides healthcare support to people, for example, hospitals, dentists, and specialist support like physiotherapy, and social care support, for example, nursing homes, foster caring, and nurseries. In short, it includes any organisation or service which helps people live more independent, healthier lives.

Skills you’ll come away with:

  • Knowledge about the Health and Social Care sector
  • Knowledge about the roles available in the Health and Social Care sector
  • The ability to write a strong CV
  • Online interview skills
  • Increased confidence

What do young people say about the experience? 

I enjoyed the fact I meet some really nice people who are on the same path as me. I enjoyed the interviews and all the help that was provided to prepare us for it. The staff are really amazing, supportive and went above and beyond to accommodate.”

“I have enjoyed everything especially the follow up from staffs…Rosie my mentor has been fantastic with helping me. The staffs that were helping us get through our workshop and exercises were great too.”

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