“Young people who have been through pre-employment training are more likely to achieve progression once in employment, giving back to businesses that invested in their development.”

Model: Four-week placement – split across two weeks of classroom learning and two weeks on site training
Funding: Company funded + Government grants
Delivery Partner: Knowledgepool and in-house
Scale 2020: 839 placements
Success Rate: 100% into jobs or education

BUPA: Supporting young people directly into jobs with training

During 2020 BUPA has brought some great talent into its business and helped maintain high levels of care for its residents.  Movement to Work has supported it through a significant evolution since 2017, when it moved from 200 placements to over 800.

The Movement to Work programme has become a core part of BUPA’s early careers recruitment, when previously it had found it challenging to source young people for its placements.

Working collectively with the Movement to Work core team, BUPA has now established a multi-channel delivery model, including direct entry. It has also reached out beyond the Job Centre model to find new sources of talent.