“Our success as a business is based on identifying and retaining talent. Leveraging our training expertise to support a more inclusive labour market will provide us with access to a greater pool of talent, while tackling a challenging part of that market.”

Model: Two-week work placement
Funding: Company funded
Delivery Partner: Pontoon – supports with sourcing young people
Scale 2019: 350 placements
Success Rate: 38% into jobs or education (2018)

Centrica/British Gas: In-house delivery model for work experience in a customer service environment

The Centrica/British Gas work placement model is delivered in one of its contact centres. The programme is delivered in-house without the use of a training provider. Instead, it uses an external provider to attract participants in liaison with numerous referral companies.

This approach provides a wide diversity of participants who are often work-ready thanks to the input of numerous charitable organisations throughout the UK. A typical placement involves a variety of activities to develop skills, understand a customer service environment and build confidence.