“We have been delivering Learning for Life our global Youth Employment programme for many years, but in the UK with Movement to Work we are starting to unlock new ways to scale it for the hospitality industry’s benefit.”



Model: Six-week work placement – split across four weeks classroom learning and two weeks on on-site training
Funding: Company funded
Delivery Partner: Springboard
Scale 2020: 96 placements (reduced from a commitment of 291 due to pandemic)
Success Rate: 45% into jobs or education (72% pre pandemic)

Diageo: Upskilling the sector

Diageo’s work placement model is delivered through its commercial network in the hospitality industry. It delivers training and qualifications, then works with a network of hotels, restaurants and bars which deliver the work experience placement and entry level jobs afterwards.

This allows for scale and reduces the reliance on the talent need for one organisation in isolation.  Diageo is looking to expand this model in collaboration with other companies in their sector. One of our newest members, the RetailTRUST, offer a similar model in the retail sector.This approach enables young people to experience multiple workplaces and gain multiple work experiences, all whilst improving general employability skills.

This also allows SMEs without the resources to coordinate a placement or source young people to access young talent, whilst fulfilling their social mobility ambitions.