Marriott“Employability and work experience programmes help us find professionals and support staff that will work in the health and care system for years to come, and provide opportunities for young people to get ready for and get into a great career in the NHS.”


Model: Three days on-the-job work experience with job offer at the end
Funding: Company funded
Delivery Partner: Prince’s Trust
Scale 2019: 100 placements
Success Rate: 38% into jobs or education (2018)


While Marriott’s Get Into Hospitality programme (four weeks in total) is their main employability programme, they also provide a programme called Get Hired to support those who are more work ready, or who may have already been through a work experience placement before.

The Get Hired programme is three days of work experience, which acts much like an extended on-the-job assessment where candidates can go straight into jobs and test them, whilst Marriott can also assess the suitability of the candidate whilst in the job.

At the end of the three days (assuming both the candidate and Marriott are happy), the candidate can be offered a job.