In an ever-changing recruitment landscape, there’s free professional help to find the right candidates

As more businesses develop their post-pandemic recovery, employers looking to recruit will find an ever-expanding pool of candidates applying for their jobs. With estimates of 2.2million people out of work at the end of the year, businesses face the daunting task of finding the best candidates from a small mountain of job applications.

Young people have borne the brunt of the Covid-19 job losses with more than half of the fall in the number of employees coming from among the under-25s. Fortunately, employment expert Ingeus can smooth the process for job seekers and employers alike, with its fully-funded recruitment services.

Pandemic recruitment support

Ingeus is an established employment services provider, already helping many of those hit by the pandemic through its delivery of the Government’s Work and Health Programme and Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) programme.

And from June 2021 it will be a partner in Restart: giving Universal Credit claimants who have been out of work for at least 12 months enhanced support to find jobs. Almost £3 billion has been allocated to the Government’s three-year scheme, and Ingeus has been chosen to deliver the scheme to more than 260,000 people in Greater Manchester and Central & West London.

As well as helping businesses identify a diverse selection of work-ready candidates, each individually supported and briefed by an Ingeus employment coach, Ingeus will identify local skills gaps and growth sectors, supplying work-ready recruits where companies need them most.

Ingeus is also part of the Prime Provider Partnership, offering employers – wherever they’re based across the UK – access to free employability support from sector experts.

Finding the right people

Ingeus prides itself on finding the right people for vacancies by getting to know businesses and their recruitment needs. It identifies the transferable skills, interests and career goals of potential recruits to ensure they are job-ready and eager to work.

Working with organisations from multinationals to local community enterprises, its services save employers the time of sifting through CVs, handling benefits and right to work paperwork, and ensuring any potential barriers to employment are broken down.

Further help for employers

Ingeus supports employers in areas as well as recruitment, with a range of free services.

Its Able Futures service gives companies across the UK no-cost advice on how to help employees cope with mental health issues. It includes a toolkit to help manage mental health at work and a free confidential support service for anyone in work. Ingeus is also a Government-recognised Disability Confident Leader, helping employers recognise and embrace the talents disabled people can contribute to the workplace.

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