James Davidson

Name James Davidson
Company Diageo
Location Inverness
Last Known Job Role Restaurant trainee manager

James completed Diageo Learning for Life Bartending & Hospitality Course in Inverness. He had previously had a promising career as a footballer and was signed to play with a Scottish team when he suffered a terrible leg injury. This, sadly, put an end to his football career and he found himself looking for other opportunities.

He also had an interest in hospitality and was accepted to join the Diageo course. He was awarded a HIT Scholarship and gained experience at Drake and Morgan in London.

Currently working as Trainee Manager in a busy restaurant and bar in Aberdeen, he has recently completed the Diageo Alumni Ambassador training and is looking forward to sharing his experience, passion for hospitality and dedication to Diageo and Springboard with future beneficiaries.

James is planning to gain experience so he can work towards being a hospitality trainer (hopefully with Springboard) in the future.