London Youth calls for overhaul of youth strategies

London Youth today launched pivotal research – Hidden in Plain Sight – shining a light on the hundreds of thousands of young Londoners who are currently ‘hidden’ from the capital’s economy.

‘Hidden’ young Londoners are typically aged 18-25, are not engaged in employment, education or training and not receiving any welfare benefits. A staggering 480k young people are estimated to be ‘hidden’ nationally each year. This is not only detrimental to their wellbeing and future prospects, but also results in a £440m loss of revenue from potential income tax/national insurance contributions.

London Youth is calling for an overhaul of youth strategies and a tripartite approach between Government, business and youth sectors to fund youth-centric employment initiatives and re-engage these young people.

Rosemary Watt-Wyness, Chief Executive of London Youth said: “Through our work on Talent Match London we know that youth organisations play a vital role in supporting the work of our statutory employment agencies with young people. That’s because they are best placed within local communities across London and trusted by the young people seeking support to navigate their transition from education into work.

The inclusion and funding of the youth sector as an equal partner to Government and the business sector is absolutely critical to the success of future youth-centric employment initiatives. Our research provides clear guidance on how we can all better support ‘hidden’ young people to overcome existing barriers and is essential reading for all”.

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