Lucie Ritnosikova

Name Lucie Ritnosikova
Company Civil Service
Location Liverpool
Last Known Job Role  Debt Resolution Team Member

Each day was exciting and new so I tried to help and learn as much as I could. I had the opportunity to visit different teams such as Tax Credits and Compliance to see what they did which was absolutely brilliant, this was one of my favourite experiences.

I left my previous job 3 years ago and was extremely motivated to find a better job. I knew it would be hard as I’m originally from Czech Republic, without any previous experience and English is my 2nd language. I‘ve always known “as one door closes, another one opens” and that’s what kept me positive.

Whilst at the job centre, I was offered the opportunity to join the Movement to Work (MtW) programme based on my wish to work in an office. After a few days I was contacted by HMRC with details of the programme.

I began my MtW placement with the amazing CAT team in Regian House Liverpool. I was nervous at first but once introduced to the team, led by Jane Breen, I knew this programme would be an amazing experience. Everybody on the team was very friendly and helpful, I felt very welcomed and at home.

The first few days consisted of educational courses to help get to grips with the job. Every Monday I was part of the team meeting, here I saw the teams goals and achievements. I listened to conference calls across the different teams, and every day helped the team with their job. They explained their roles and walked me through the various systems used. I’d help with paperwork, sending parcels – I also learnt how to use Microsoft Excel and Word.

I finished the programme after 4 weeks, I’d never experienced such a lovely and inclusive programme as MtW. Everybody was very helpful and all encouraged me to do more, as I built my confidence. It’s nice to be able to speak different languages, but when working in a new place you have to learn the words used. The MtW programme gave me great confidence in my English ability.

People may not think about considering MtW, working for 4 weeks for free – I was paid in knowledge, experience, courage, self-esteem and especially the privilege to have a future job in HMRC.

I was successful during a recruitment trawl and am now part of a Debt Resolution Team (DRT) in Regian House, Liverpool, I began my role here after submitting competencies and being interviewed. My experience with HMRC is very positive, I’ve been given opportunities to learn new things and develop personally. I’m wanting to work towards being a part of the leadership team in HMRC and I’m being supported to achieve that goal.