Michel Miserez, Area Vice President, Marriott talks about mentoring & a diverse workforce.

I love working in the hospitality industry. Why? Because it’s a people-business and I love meeting new people every day. In our hotels, we open our doors to guests from around the globe and we employ an equally diverse workforce to deliver excellent service every day.

Throughout my personal journey with Marriott International, I have benefitted from other colleagues mentoring me.  I would say that many of my career decisions were formed through intense conversations and discussions with the mentors that I have had.  This has inspired me to not only become a mentor to others, but to also support the engagement Marriott has with initiatives such as Movement To Work.

I think mentoring is a crucial tool that helps us to support young associates who aspire to a career in the industry and help them achieve their personal goals and aspirations.  Marriott needs young people to join our workforce so we can develop and nurture them to take on leadership positions in the future and supporting them on their journey with Marriott enables us to do so.

For our young associates, mentoring can be an important step to discovering the numerous roles and opportunities that are available within the company and also provide them with the insights they might not yet have on how best to progress within a global corporation.

We often don’t see the wood for all the trees.  This can be so true when it comes to career choices. Many times we think a career path needs to be a straight-line and is mapped out the moment we start in one position.  Through the eyes of a mentor, other possibilities can suddenly present themselves as a great choice of career move.  For me, it’s incredibly satisfying to see one of my mentees move on within the company and succeed in their development.  #Marriott #Serve360 #Empower #YoungPeopleWork