Movement to Work offers two free online learning programmes to develop your employability skills. These programmes are free to join, easily accessible and can be used at any time.

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Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Academy

The Skills to Succeed Academy is a free, interactive, online employability training programme focused on building the skills and confidence needed to choose the right career, find a job and be successful in the workplace.

The Skills to Succeed Academy prepares you for your entire journey into work. The free, online training features interactive video simulations which allow you to practice real-life work scenarios in a safe environment.

The Skills to Succeed Academy contains over 70 modules split across two trainings: ‘Employability’ and ‘New Skills Now’. A suite of modules has been selected to form the core of the ‘In the Workplace’ and ‘Employability Skills’ course.


Movement to Work Participant Access:

Participants should register on, by clicking on ‘Register Now’ and using the learner access code: MTW123

Accenture’s Digital Skills Programme

The Digital Skills training will build your knowledge and confidence of Digital Skills and explain how they are a core employability skill in today’s workplace.

Accenture Digital Skills is an innovative suite of bite-sized, animated learning that develops digital confidence and knowledge in those looking to enhance their employability or build a business.

The eight digital skills courses cover a number of key digital skills, from the role digital plays in the world of work to social media and digital marketing.


You can access Digital Skills content by following the steps below: