Movement to Work: Supporting and extending the Great British Tech Donations Appeal

Download the campaign flyer, share in your networks and donate your spare tech HERE

In response to the hardships faced through digital poverty, Barnardo’s, in partnership with Vodafone, have been successfully delivering the Great British Tech Appeal over recent months.

Earlier this year, discussions held at Movement to Work’s 2021 CEO Summit made clear that issues related to digital poverty and digital inclusion needed to be addressed. To date, the Great British Tech Appeal campaign has largely focussed on the support of younger children and home-schooling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Movement to Work is proud to support the Great British Tech Appeal, and help extend the reach in order to specifically support young people hoping to enter the world of work but who are lacking in the right tech to help them get there.

Digital access: the reality

Whether a young person is in a virtual classroom or applying for their first job, not having digital access holds them back.

If that young person is in a low-income household, it’s even harder. According to analysis of the Ofcom Media Use report and Lloyd Consumer Digital Index:

  • 7 million people did not have home internet access in 2019
  • 1 in 5 adults who are offline said cost was a barrier for them
  • 23% of children in low-income households don’t have access to broadband or a laptop/tablet.

The reality is that many young people are living in poverty and can’t afford broadband. Some young people have to choose between data and dinner. This is not a choice a young person should ever have to make.

How you can help

Do you have laptops, tablets or smartphones that can contribute to the appeal? For every device sent in, Vodafone will supply 6 months of free, unlimited data. Barnardo’s, working with information provided by Movement to Work, will ensure that every single device will be gifted onwards to a young person in some of the worst affected areas in the country, but already engaged in their Education, Training and Skills (ETS) scheme and striving to secure a job.

As we begin to get back to life post-pandemic, we must emerge stronger, both by embracing the benefits that living in a digital world brings but also recognising the barriers that technology can place in the path of certain young people looking to find their way into sustainable employment. 

  Full details of how you can support and donate to the appeal can be found in the flyer HERE

Please download the campaign flyer, share in your networks and donate your spare tech as soon as you can.

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to celebrating the successes that your generosity will enable.

Simon Beckman

Movement to Work North West Lead