ONS statistics reveal an alarming rise in NEET young people

The latest ONS statistics have just been released, revealing an alarming rise in NEET young people:

  • A 13% year-on-year rise in young people who are not earning or learning risks long-term scarring
    effects – figures have risen to 788,000. NEET figures haven’t been this high since December 2020.
  • 62% NEET are inactive (not in work and not looking/unable to work) and 39% are unemployed.
  • Rising mental ill health is harming their labour market prospects and access to good quality work;
    two out of three young people who are economically inactive also have a common mental health
  • The cost-of-living crisis is also hitting those who faced existing challenges. Action is needed now to
    prevent the long-term scarring effects of being locked out of the labour market.
  • The report suggests we need join up a fragmented employment support system.

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