The Department for Education (DfE) launched a White Paper at the end of March which outlines government plans to level up education and make sure every child realises their potential.

The paper titled ‘Opportunity for all: Strong schools with great teachers for your child’ sets out the government’s vision for the school system by 2030, focused on world-class literacy and numeracy.

The White Paper also sets out four pillars to deliver on this vision:

  1. An excellent teacher for every child.
  2. High standards of curriculum, behaviour and attendance leading to calm and collaborative environments.
  3. Targeted support for every child who needs it.
  4. A stronger and fairer school system ensuring all children benefit from being taught in a strong family of schools.

There will also be: –

  • 500,000 teacher training and development opportunities by 2024
  • Specialist training to drive better literacy through a new National Professional Qualification for Leading Literacy; and
  • £30,000 starting salaries to attract and retain the very best teachers – with additional incentives to work in the schools with the most need.

The full White Paper can be accessed here.