Shay McDonagh

Name Shay McDonagh
Company Marriott International
Location Weston Super Mare
Last Known Job Role  Linen Porter

Shay suffers from cerebral palsy and primarily uses his left hand for activities and his right hand as a stabiliser.

He has difficulty with coordination and he struggles crossing the midline of his body. An uneven gaits makes him very vulnerable in busy environments, as he could be knocked off balance. Having graduated from Project SEARCH, Shay has secured a role as Linen Porter in the property, which is a very active role and one his family never thought they would see him achieve.

Shay now mentors the current Project SEARCH interns and is an inspiration to all his colleagues in the department.

When Shay attended Hosting Make It Your Craft, he was the most involved participant and a shining example to all the others who attended.  Our trainer, who was unaware of his condition, commented that he was a credit to the hotel. Shay has never let his disability hinder him and he continues to drive for perfection in all that he does.