Student finance to be radically transformed from 2025

Students finance to be radically transformed from 2025 with a new, more flexible system introduced to empower adults to upskill or retrain throughout their working lives.

People across the country are set to benefit from a complete overhaul of student finance, helping them get flexible loan funding to train, retrain and upskill throughout their working lives.

The Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE) will empower more people to study in a way that works for them,
opening opportunities for those that might have never considered higher education. This could help them balance training or studies alongside other commitments such as childcare or financial commitments, which will revolutionise social mobility and plug skills gaps.

The overhaul will not only empower people to learn throughout their lives and offer greater opportunities for learning but enable workers to retrain and upskill to meet the needs of the cutting-edge industries and high-paid jobs of the future.

The Government has confirmed that from 2025, people will be able to access loans worth the equivalent of four years of post-18 education (£37,000 in today’s tuition fees) under the LLE and use them flexibly over their working lives to suit their circumstances – transforming the student finance system.

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