The Good Things Foundation publishes their ‘Digital Nations 2020’ infographic

The Good Things Foundation have released their 2020 update of their Digital Nations project, which summarises data about digital inclusion and exclusion in the UK. The 2020 update highlights how COVID-19 has impacted this picture.

The infographic shows that whilst 27.6 million  people are ‘highly engaged’ with digital, 7 million have no access to the internet at home, and 9 million can’t use the internet without help. The national breakdown of digital inclusion and exclusion also shows that exclusion is worse in the North, with the North East being worst affected (only 18% are digitally included).

The infographic highlights a clear warning: “COVID-19 exacerbates the digital divide”. It also indicates three bridges that can cross this divide: a Digital Catch-up scheme; a Data Poverty Lab; and a Digital Strategy for all.

The Good Things Foundation’s infographic can be found here.