Gemma Davies – Head of Talent & Regional Development

Gemma joined the Movement to Work team in March 2024 on secondment from Tesco.

Gemma Davies has worked for Tesco for nearly 19 years. During this time, she has held various roles within stores and, for the past six years, has served as an HR People Partner within the Distribution function. Her roles have allowed her to focus on what makes the biggest difference, including talent interventions and equipping people with the skills they need to excel and ensuring a future-ready workforce. She is passionate about supporting people’s development, which brings her immense job satisfaction. She enjoys listening to what matters to people and using that insight to help shape strategy, creating a great working environment. People are at the heart of everything she does, and making a difference is her true motivation

Personally, Gemma’s family is very important to her. She lives in the North East and enjoys UK breaks, often visiting the Lakes, Cornwall, and St David’s in Wales. Her family loves water activities like bodyboarding and paddleboarding. Gemma also enjoys Pilates for the sense of calm it brings and has a love of reading.

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