UK Labour Market Statistics

In June to August 2023, the number of people aged 16+ in employment was 32.97 million, and the employment rate for people aged 16-64 was 75.7%, down from 76.0% in the previous quarter.

Note only experimental headline data this month.

Employment levels decreased by 82,000 in the last quarter but increased by 216,000 over the last year. They were slightly above pre-pandemic levels.

The UK unemployment rate was 4.2%, and 1.44 million people aged 16+ were unemployed.

Unemployment levels rose in the last quarter and the last year and were 69,000 above pre-pandemic levels.

8.73 million people aged 16-64 were economically inactive, and the inactivity rate was 20.9%. Inactivity levels rose by 74,000 from the previous quarter but fell by 274,000 in the last year. They were 279,000 above their pre-pandemic level.

The number of vacancies fell in the last quarter and over the year to 988,000 in July to September 2023, but remain 187,000 above pre-pandemic levels.

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