Under-30 workers risk losing out on key upskilling and core skills due to remote working

Research conducted by Sharp has found that workers under the age of 30 are concerned that the recent shift to remote working could limit their career progression by reducing opportunities for skills training and learning from more experienced colleagues.

Of the 6000 workers across Europe surveyed, just over half expressed anxiety around issues such as a lack of training and opportunities, and keeping their skills up to date, with this feeling exacerbated in the under-30 demographic. 4 in 10 respondents under-30 stated that, despite remote working, employers should still offer upskilling and training opportunities. In addition, under-30s reported that remote working caused communication and motivation issues.

However, there were some positive aspects of remote working according to this demographic, including feeling more productive and effective.

For further information on the Sharp study (December 2020), see here.