Unemployment by ethnic background

This short paper summarises trends in unemployment rates and looks at how rates vary by ethnicity, age, and sex.

1.29 million people aged 16+ were unemployed in October-December 2022. Of these, 914,000 were from a White ethnic background and 380,000 were from a minority ethnic background.

The UK unemployment rate was 3.8% in October-December 2022. The rate was 3.1% for people from a White ethnic background compared to 7.5% for people from minority ethnic backgrounds, although there was substantial variation between different ethnic minority groups.

People from White ethnic backgrounds (3.1%) and Other ethnic backgrounds (5.4%) had the lowest unemployment rates, and people from Mixed/multiple ethnic background (11.3%) and a Pakistani ethnic background (8.7%) had the highest rates in October-December 2022.

The unemployment rate is lower for men from a minority ethnic background (5.8%) than for women (6.9%).

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