Urgent action needed on green skills if the UK is to reach net zero by 2050

BITC has published a route map to help businesses understand what must be done to ensure the UK has the right skills to reach net zero by 2050.

From their research, BITC has determined that only 10% of workers think they’ll need new skills or their jobs will be adversely affected because of this transition. Of those who do think they’ll be affected, 80% did not know what their employer plans to do to upskill them for the future or didn’t feel they were doing enough.

Whilst hundreds of thousands of new jobs will be required in the energy sector alone, all sectors will need to invest in green skills for the UK to achieve its net zero ambitions and action needs to start now. BITC say businesses need to consider the risks and opportunities that this agenda presents, who will be impacted in the current and future workforce and which workers are most at risk from the transition to a green economy.

Businesses need to take urgent action on green skills now if the UK us to reach net zero by 2050, they need to:

Lead: equip leaders to empower everyone to act
Embed: make climate action everyone’s business
Include: enable upskilling for all

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