Young People In Lockdown: A report by The Prince’s Trust and YouGov

According to this report, the coronavirus emergency has left young people all over the UK, including many who have only just started their working lives, without access to the jobs, training and education which will set them up for the future. Findings from this report show young people across the country are concerned about their future job prospects and are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety.

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted young people aged 16-25:

  • 46% say that finding a job now feels “impossible”.
  • 43% per cent of young people say their anxiety levels have increased due to the pandemic.
  • In this more recent study conducted during the coronavirus lockdown period, the percentage of NEETs claiming to feel down or depressed “always” or “often” has increased to 58%.

Click HERE to read the full article from The Prince’s Trust and YouGov.  June 2020.